Padron 5 Pack

Padrón Cigars was founded in 1964, and today consists of more than a dozen medium to full-bodied long-filler cigars in every popular size and shape. The Cuban seed tobaccos used to make Padron cigars are grown in on Padrón's estate farms in Nicaragua, aged a minimum of two and a half years, then patiently hand-rolled to the highest standards to achieve their rich, balanced flavor and aroma. Offered in natural and maduro wrappers, each Padrón cigar is box-pressed and exhibits a lush, oily patina that makes them especially tempting. Once lit, notes of earthy spice, coffee and cocoa bean are revealed for a relaxing smoke that's both opulent and utterly unique in flavor. The Padrón cigars in this selection are reasonably priced and a must-smoke for cigar lovers at every level of experience. Few other premium cigars are more prized, and once you've smoked a Padrón cigar, you'll know why.

Padron 5 Pack
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