Don Pepin Garcia

The man behind the highly acclaimed Don Pepin Cigars brand is the legendary, boutique cigar master, Jose Pepin Garcia. Seasoned connoisseurs know that anything Pepin is involved with will be nothing less than a spectacular, premium masterpiece. When Jose Pepin opened My Fathers Cigars in Nicaragua, he had no idea it would be the beginning of a cigar empire. Cigar enthusiasts flock to and devour anything with his name on it, because once perfection is tasted, smoking anything less is impossible. It is no surprise that Garcia is a top tier craftsman, as he was raised in the Mecca of the cigar world, Cuba, and rolling cigars by age eleven. If aficionados have not yet tried any of Pepin’s decadent offerings, they are missing out on some of the finest smokes in the world. Don Pepin Cuban Classic and Blue Label are two fantastic lines that warrant a place in every aficionado’s collection.
Don Pepin Garcia
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Don Pepin Garcia-  Delicias
Don Pepin Garcia- Delicias
My Father
Don Pepin Garcia- Toro Gordos
Don Pepin Garcia

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