BlackBird Cigar Co.

Created by master blender Jonas Santana, Blackbird Cigar Co. made its big debut in 2019, located in Hialeah, Florida. Santana wanted to make a cigar brand that not only felt new and exciting but one that would appeal to a new generation of cigar smokers. Distinctive colors and bird names allowed Santana and his team to create a very unique cigar company that looked and felt new and fresh. Blackbird cigars are hand crafted at the Blackbird Dominicana factory in the Dominican Republic. Blackbird Cigar Co. may be new, but from its bold colors and nontraditional names, it's a brand that's not seeking the easy road and quick sales-like a young bird, it's left the nest, learned to fly, and set it's mind on exploring and conquering the big world around.


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