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Cigar Basement Deals

LTT Cigars 10 Pack Random Sampler
LTT - Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero
Regular price $119.95 $50.00
Buyers Club
Cigar Basement
Regular price $50.00
Number One Sampler
Regular price $49.95
Toro Selection Sampler
Toro Selection Sampler
My Father
Regular price $45.00
Assorted Robusto 5 Pack Combo Ashtray
Assorted Robusto 5 Pack Combo Ashtray
Regular price $30.95 $24.95

the inner workings of a cigar

Some cigars, especially premium brands, use different varieties of tobacco for the filler and the wrapper. Long filler cigars are a far higher quality of cigar, using long leaves throughout. These cigars also use a third variety of tobacco leaf, called a "binder", between the filler and the outer wrapper.

Cigar wrapper

It is important to acknowledge that the wrapper is often an attractive sales pitch for a cigar, much like an appealing album or book cover. At the very least, the wrapper is a message saying, “smoke me.” And though a quality wrapper often indicates a superior smoke, it usually affects the cigar’s composition and aesthetic more so than the entire flavor. In short, it introduces the cigar to the smoker and may or may not affect the taste and seasoning.

Best Selling Products

La Buena Vida 54 - Lancero
LTT - Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero
La Buena Vida Series 1 Fuego - Toro
LTT - Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero
Cameroon Cabinet - Chisel
La Flor Dominicana
La Buena Vida Series 1 Suave - Toro
LTT - Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero
Big Slugger by David Ortiz
Big Slugger by David Ortiz
T & C - El Artista
Regular price $58.50
La Buena Vida 57 Box Press - Lonsdale
LTT - Lopez-Tabak Tobacalero

Lighting a Cigar

1. Choose a well-made cigar you want to smoke. 2. Use an odorless flame to light the cigar. 3. Light your match or a butane lighter. 4. Toast the cigar. 5. Place the cigar in your mouth when it begins to smolder. 6. Take short puffs from the unlighted end while holding the cigar close to the flame.


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Enjoying the cigar

In an established cigar lounge, club or restaurant.

Sitting quietly by yourself outside of your home or maybe you have the good fortune to have actual ‘smoking lounge’ set up within your home.

The ultimate way to enjoy a cigar is sitting outside having some good conversation with family and/or friends after a fine dinner or during a special occasion.


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